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The following apple varieties are grown at Applewood Orchard and can be PYO or pre-picked.  Ripening dates can vary considerably from season to season . The abundance and availability of a particular apple variety can vary by the year & from week to week due to demand, weather etc.

Remember Zestar and SweeTango are great eating apples that will keep you enjoying crisp tasty apples until the Honeycrisp are ready later.

And another newer variety called SweeTang matures before Honeycrisp also.

Sorry to say we are now closed for the 2017 season.

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Average Harvest 

Fruit Characteristics


Storage Life




 4th week of August Crisp, slightly tart and juicy Excellent eating
6-8 weeks
Paulared   4th week of August Dark Red, crisp, juicy Great sauce maker
1 month
Gala   1st week of Sept Heart shape small sweet apple Excellent fresh eating
1 month
Ginger Gold   1st week of Sept Crisp crunchy apple with a mild tart flavor Excellent fresh eating 1 month
Chestnut Crab




1st week of Sept A crabapple with a super great nutty flavor Eating - a unique treat!
4 Weeks
SweeTango   2nd week of Sept a sweet apple with a hint of fall spices, crisp & juicy too Fresh eating
Sweet Sixteen


3rd week of Sept A large crisp sweet apple with a hint of anise flavoring Fresh eating, sauce & pies 1 month
Honeycrisp   3rd week of Sept

#1 variety! You need a napkin to enjoy it.

Fresh eating!
4 to 5 Months
Cortland   3rd week of Sept Sweet/tart. Very white flesh which holds its color well All purpose. Great for salads!
2-3 Months
Haralson   4th week of Sept A Minnesota favorite! - crisp & TART Best pie maker
4 months
Honeygold   4th week of Sept Yellow with a sweet flavor Fresh eating and cooking
3 months
Liberty   4th week of Sept. Crisp, juicy & slightly tart

Fresh eating, baking & a great sauce maker

5 months
Snowsweet   4th week of Sept. Sweet, crisp juicy and has white flesh Fresh eating and everything else 5 months

Fireside or

Connell Red


1st week of Oct a late sweet apple Fresh eating and all baking up to 6 months
Regent   1st week of Oct Crisp, juicy, sweet, good keeper Best all purpose apple
3-4 months
Keepsake   1st week of Oct a well balanced good tasting apple Fresh eating & baking 6 months
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